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I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.
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Matt, age 53, Midcoast, Maine
Matt's Testimony re: his laser/lymph therapy:

Matt came to me with acid reflux (AR). I treated him with the laser bioresonance for muscle relaxer along his esophagus for approximately 15 minutes. He reported that the next day he did not take his AR medication and that he was fine for two days after that. The next week I treated him similarly and he was able to go without the medication for three days. We are continuing with treatment.

He also had acute chronic sinusitis (very congested head, neck and thoracic duct) which I treated successfully with the laser bioresonance for sinusitis at six trigger-points followed by a full-lymph treatment, which drained/cleared his sinus pressure and lasted the most-part of the week.

I recommended he take potassium (bananas / celery or supplements) to alleviate swelling (also tends to lower blood pressure); and, acidophilus (yogurt or supplements) and digestive (papaya) enzymes to aid digestion.

Beth, age 18, Midcoast, Maine
Beth's Testimony re: her laser/lymph therapy:

Beth attends a local beauty school. Her footbath revealed that she had heavy metals in her body because of working with permanents and hair color. After her fourth visit (footbath, lymph and ozone sauna) there was much lower concentrations of heavy metals. Also, during the lymphatic treatment it was clear that she had major lymph congestion in her hands because of her work and also in her feet due to the cold climate and having to wear high heals. After her fourth treatment her lymphatic fluid is moving much better and the lymph congestion is much less. Also, the first time I treated her, she had a cold and the lymph treatment, along with the laser bioresonance for sinusitis, drained and cleared her sinuses.

Jeff, age 14, Midcoast, Maine
Jeff’s Testimony re: his laser/lymph therapy:

Jeff's parents brought him over because he had a bug - fever, chills, aches, headache and he was very tired. He was treated with the laser bioresonance for sinusitis at six trigger-points which alleviated the sinus pressure and headache. Then he was in the sauna for 40 minutes (20 minutes of heat and 20 minutes of ozone). This brought his body temperature up and killed the bug which alleviated the fever, chills and aches. The ozone invigorates the body and though it is relaxing, people tend to feel more energetic afterward.

Susan, Midcoast, Maine
Susan's Testimony re: her laser/lymph therapy:

I have known Sally for a few months now and she has been trying to get me to have her do some treatments on me so I could see how all this therapy works. I am a very skeptical person and this was not settling with me. She did, however, treat my husband and I saw the results with his treatments. Eventually, I did let her do the sauna and foot bath. Now that I have actually experienced the laser treatment I now have a story to tell of the beneficial effects that this treatment had for me. I have had a painful spot on my lower back for 12-15 years and I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis about 11 years ago. This was very sore when riding, laying on my back, or just to push on that area. After Sally used the laser at the trigger point she pushed on that area and there was no pain. I was also lying on my stomach (which would usually be extremely painful) while she did the treatment and when I got up it didn't hurt. Also, I went into the sauna and lying on my back I had no pain. I would recommend this treatment to anyone for the pain they might have.

Kay, age 73, Newport, Maine
Kay's Testimony re: her laser/lymph therapy:

I feel more energetic now that my sugar (diabetes) is balanced. Sally has been a great help - explaining everything. She is a very caring person and made me feel very comfortable with my therapy.

Having the footbath release the toxins has really helped also. I am really impressed with the toxins that are being removed with the footbath.

David, age 69, Newport, Maine

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Kay's testimony for her husband David re: his laser/lymph therapy:

David has improved, not shaking as much with his Parkinson’s Disease. His feet move more also since his treatments, his bowels are doing a lot better also. He was taking six pain medications and after three treatments is now only having to take three pain medications.

Mark, age 38, Richmond, Maine
Mark's Testimony re: his laser/lymph therapy:

Mark had lower back pain for over a year. I treated his trigger point L5 with the laser/bioresonance (for injury, nerve inflammation, and muscle relaxer) for about 20 minutes almost a year ago. Mark reports that I was “a great help with his back”. Still feeling fine! He’d also had sinus congestion for so long he couldn’t remember. The lymph cleansing clears the sinus, but we also used the laser/bioresonance for sinusitis. The next week when he came, he said he was surprised when he could smell the Spring flowers.

Carrie, age 33, Brunswick, Maine
Carrie's Testimony re: her laser/lymph therapy:

Carrie had a sinus infection she couldn't get rid of, passing is around at home with her kids. She had already taken a round of antibiotics, but still the infection. After one quick (15 minutes) treatment with the laser bioresonance and a full lymph treatment, her congestion cleared and has stayed clear. She said she felt great afterward and would recommend this therapy to anybody who has sinus problems.

Jessica, age 39, Richmond, Maine
Jessica's Testimony re: her laser/lymph therapy:

Hi, I'm Jessica. My sister-in-law told me about Sally's therapy and how it helped her. I recently quit smoking so I was interested in the whole detox thing. I was amazed when, during my first footbath, the colors indicated the health issues that I had. Most of it was brown, because I was a smoker; then white which shows that I have congestion in my lymph system. After four treatments now, the water in my footbath is clear much longer and after the 30 minutes it is not as thick or dark as it was. Also, during the lymph therapy, Sally had me feel with the probes, where the congestion (mostly under my arms but also in my chest) are congested and how the laser breaks up the congestion and then moves it through my body, and she explained how important it is that I excrete the toxins that are being processed by my body.

Sam, age 17, Midcoast, Maine

Sam's Testimony re: his laser/lymph therapy:

Sam's injured his back almost a year ago while working on a construction site. He had fallen backward down a fireplace shaft from the first floor to the cellar which knocked him out. Fellow-workers brought him to and said he'd landed on his back. This injury continued to be quite painful to him. I treated him in April with the laser bioresonance for pain/injury, nerve inflammation and muscle relaxer with a magnesium cream until the pain subsided (approximately 15 minutes). He tells me that he continues to be pain free.
My back was really hurting from a fall and my parents brought me over when the power at my house was out and so we stayed here for the day and she treated me where I was hurting and the relief was remarkable.

Gail, age 53, Plymouth, Maine

Gail's Testimony re: her laser/lymph therapy:

I had severe pain in the back joint of my thumb. Sally treated three trigger-points and the lymph therapy and it has stopped hurting. After the footbath she treated me for arthritis and now my knee no longer hurts. I highly recommend her treatment and suggestions for continued relief.

Reprinted verbatim, with permission.
Email - Original Message
From: Beiswenger Robert A LtCol 514 AMW/SE
To: Lori Sweet
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 11:15 AM
Subject: Lymphstar Pro Testimonial
To anyone considering purchasing the Lymphstar Pro: In December of 2000 my wife was diagnosed with lymphedema in her left leg and lower abdomen; she was 52 years old and in otherwise good health. We were told that the lymphedema was caused by abdominal scar tissue from surgery she had 14 years ago, and that nothing could be done to alleviate the condition other than receiving lymphatic massage and wearing compression stockings. These methods were somewhat helpful, but very time consuming and inconvenient. Eventually, I was giving her lymphatic massage at home after our insurance coverage for that procedure ran out. I found an ad for the Lymphstar Pro in the magazine Alternative Medicine and decided to give this device a try. We were both very glad I did, because it was very easy to use and it helped the process tremendously! Using the Lymphstar Pro to loosen up the lymph made my efforts at lymphatic massage much more effective and in much less time! It really worked as advertised and we both highly recommend it for anyone with lymphedema. I was so pleased with the results of this device, I offered to write this testimonial with "no strings attached" in any way - I just wanted to let others know that this is a good product that may be able to help them as well.
Bob Beiswenger
Huntingdon Valley, PA

"I began to notice a difference in my health within about six treatments. I have had digestive and elimination problems for years and lymphatic treatment has definitely helped. In October I broke my knee cap and the lymphatic treatments helped my swelling, pain, and healing. I would recommend lymphatic therapy wholeheartedly."
Susie Thompson
Santa Barbara, CA

"My daughter had swollen lymph nodes under her arms after her first year away at college. I was concerned about her lifestyle affecting her health. When the Lymphstar arrived, I got in 3 treatments before she went back to school. The nodes completely went away! I treat her every time she is home for prevention. I am so excited about this technology and use it on myself and many friends with great results."
Laura Passerelli
Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you, Thank you. After just four therapy sessions my improvement is remarkable. I can move again with out pain."
Santa Barbara, CA

"The numbness and tingling in my hand and down my arm disappeared after just a few lymphatic therapy sessions and has not returned."
Ventura, CA

"Since my first therapy session with the Lymphstar, I have been free of the cystic breast pain that had plagued me for years. My hope is that news of this program will spread and others will be spared unnecessary surgery."
Santa Monica, CA

"After we returned to Korea from Colorado with our Lymphstar Pro, we treated a man next door who had a terrible mouth condition with pain that prevented him from eating. We treated him and within hours he could eat. It was remarkable. Our doctors here will love this! Also, my partner's mother has diabetes and after one treatment her blood sugar was down considerably. This was not in conjunction with injections. We will share this with many therapists here."
Kyoo-yong Park
Seoul, South Korea

"I am so grateful to have found you and the healing power of the Lymphatic Therapy with the Lymphstar Pro. Following the therapy the pain disappeared and I was informed by my surgeon that the previously enlarged lymph node was no longer present and that neither a biopsy nor further visits were required."
R. B., Attorney
Sherman Oaks, CA

"I have not found a better tool to move the deep lymphatics than the Lymphstar Pro. Why work the surface? Let's go deep & get the job done!"
Cory Carter, N.D., Alt Med Ltd (Naturopath)
Rapid City, SD

"I am using the Lymphstar Pro in my practice and highly recommend it because it is the fastest and most reliable instrument for the relief of lymph based disorders."
Allen Mills, Center for Lymphatic Health (Lymphatic Therapist)
Santa Barbara, CA

"I have had two clients now with the shingles who have been helped very much with the Lymphstar therapy. One was resolved in about 4 days, and the nurse at her doctor's office remarked that her recovery was very surprising to her. It appears to shorten the duration of the illness greatly, to the great relief of the sufferers!"
Edwina Loughman (Lymphatic Therapist)
Encino, CA

"I have had the privilege of working with the Lymphstar Cleansing Technique. This therapy is especially important during times when the body is dealing with infections, cancer, or after surgery. But I believe it is equally as important as a maintenance therapy for healthy individuals. I highly recommend integrating Lymphatic Cleansing into a holistic approach to healing and preventive health care."
Jackson L. Harvey, MD, Medical Director
Seattle, WA

"I was called by a friend with a beautiful Morgan mare with founder. She had a very swollen and painful foreleg. The vet had given the owner little hope. I worked the Lymphstar on the upper leg and she relaxed with the pain relief. I did a 20-minute treatment on the leg and a little on the main lymph drainage area. Within the next few days, the hoof abscessed and drained itself and the vet was pleased, with only a cracked hoof to worry about. It did heal up completely and I only gave a few more short treatments. The owner credited my work with the healing."
Linda Geisler, Veterinary Massage Therapist
Cortez, CO

Recent reports from our practitioners have indicated that many eye conditions respond to our lymph therapy. Those reported are cataracts (numerous cases of removal), one case of scar tissue in the eye and cataracts causing legal blindness removed after 3 treatments; 20/40 vision now reported. And one case of detached retina improved in one session, and healed after 10 sessions.
Lori Sweet
Cortez, CO

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I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.
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