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GILBERT “The Red Earl” DE CLARE  Earl of Gloucester and Hertford

born September 2 1243 Christchurch, Hampshire, Eng

died December 7 1295 Monmouth Castle, Monmouthshire, Eng
buried December 22 1295 Abbey, Tewksbury, Gloucestershire, Eng
+m_April 30 1290 at Westminister Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, Eng to Joan PLANTAGENET 

born 1272 Akko (Acre) Hazafon, Israel 

died April 23, 1307 Suffolk England 

buried Austin Friars' Church, Clare, Suffolk, Eng

NOTE: Youngest daughter of King Edward III of England and Eleanor of Castile

NOTE: Called Joan of Acre (because she was born in Acre)

NOTE: Gilbert de Clare was not young when he married the fiery-spirited, sloe-eyed Joanna and took her to live at his country retreat in Clerkenwell not far from the Tower, where the king and queen were again in residence. She left for her new home with great fanfare, laden with royal gifts. After being a widow a year, she secretly married a completely unknown squire in her husbands retinue, Ralph de Monthermer. Through this marriage he became possessed in his own right of the earldoms of Gloucester & Hertford. The fact that a royal princess had dared to marry this obscure fellow became a cause celebré which for a time separated her from the affection of her father. It proved to be a marriage, however, leading ultimately to a firm friendship between the new son-in-law and Edward


GILBERT DE CLARE born 10/11 May 1291 Winchcombe Near, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Eng
died June 24 1314 Battle of Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland
buried before November 20 1314 Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, Eng

+m_Sept 29 1308 to MAUD DE BURGH


THOMAS DE CLERKE born 1375 Wortham Kent, England died 1446 Eng. UK  

+m_SARAH unknown


THOMAS DE CLERKE born 1350 Kent, Eng. 



JOHN CLERKE born 1394 Eng died 1482  



JOHN CLERKE born 1420 Kent, Eng died 1480 Kent Eng 

+m_ALICE TARESHAM born 1425 Kent Eng. died 1480 Kent Eng.


JOHN CLARKE born 1448 Wrotham, Kent, Eng died July 6, 1497 Kent, Eng 

+m_LUCIA MOYLE born 1450 London, Eng died 1494 Wrotham, Kent, Eng 


JAMES CLERKE born abt 1485, Wrotham, Kent, Eng, died Sep 20, 1553, Wrotham, Kent, Eng

NOTE: listed as Esq of Forde Hall, Wrotham, Kent 

NOTE: According to notes made by Culpeper historian Len Pierce and provided to Warren Culpepper, the family of Clerke  sold Ford Place to Mr. John Know, 1725  

+m_about 1508 to ELIZABETH FERRERS born  1486, Peckham, Kent, Eng d/o Sir Henry FERRERS and Margarett HAXSTALL OR HECKSTALL

NOTE: Henry Ferrers was a Knight of the Kings Bodyguard- Sheriff of Kent - Knight of the Shire of Kent - Keeper of the Chaylesmore Park

    George CLERKE (CLARKE) born 1510 died 8 Mar 1558

    NOTE: listed as gentry

    +m_Elizabeth Wilsford

    Henry CLERKE born 1512 in Ford Hall, Wrotham, Kent, Eng

    Walter CLERKE born 1515  Forde Hall, Wrotham, Kent, Eng

    John CLERKE born 1517 Forde Hall, Wrotham, Kent, Eng


JOHN CLARKE born 1517 Eng died Mar 3, 1559, Westthorpe, Suffolk, Eng

NOTE: The Clarke family was evidently from the landed gentry. According to the dispositions made in his will, John held lands in Westhorpe, Finningham, and Gislingham.

+m_MARGARET born before 1524, Westhrope, Suffolk, Eng died 1694



JOHN CLARKE born Feborn 11, 1541, Westhrope, Suffolk, Eng died Apr, 4, 1598, Finningham, Suffolk, Eng

+m_KATHERINE COOKE born  Feborn 12, 1546, Westhrope, Suffolk, Eng died Mar 27, 1598, Westhrope, Suffolk, Eng d/o  John Cooke alias Carew and Alice Carter

    John CLARKE born 25 April 1569

    Thomas CLARKE Born 1 November 1570

    Carew CLARKE 17 August 1572 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England

    Christopher CLARKE 6 December 1574 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England

    Joan CLARKE 17 March 1577/1578

    Margaret CLARKE 8 June 1579

    Mary CLARKE 21 September 1581


THOMAS CLARKE born Nov 1 1570, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died Juy, 29 1627, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng

+m_May 13, 1600 to ROSE KERIDGE (KERRICH) born  Apr 13 1572, Saxtead, Suffolk, Eng died Sep, 18 1627, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng


    Margaret Clarke born Feb 1 1602 Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died 1694 Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng 

    Carew Clarke born  Feb 3 1603, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died aft Jun 13 1679 Newport, RI

    +m_Dorothy unknown

    Thomas Clarke born  Mar 31 1605, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died Mar 24 1697 Plymouth, MA

    +m_Jane unknown

    Mary Clarke born Jul 17 1607, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died 1647, Newport, RI

    +m_John Peckham

    Margaret Clarke born Feb 1 1602 Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died 1694, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng

    +m_Nicholas Wyeth

    John Clarke born Oct 8 1609, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died Apr 20 1676 Newport, RI 

    NOTE: helped settle Rhode Island with Roger Williams

    +m_Elizabeth Harris

    William Clarke born  Feb 6 1611, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died Mar 15 1682, Woburn, Middlesex, MA

    Frances Clarke born  1614, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng

    Joseph CLARKE born  Dec 9, 1618, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng died Jun 1 1694, Westerly, Washington Co., RI


The Clarke family of Rhode Island came from England in approximately 1637. Several branches of the family settled in Rhode Island.

JOSEPH CLARKE born Dec 9 1618 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England died Jun 1 1694 (or 1726) Westerly, RI


+m_MARGARET TURNER died 1642 

possible children

    2_Joseph CLARKE

    2_William CLARKE

    2_John CLARKE

    2_Mary CLARKE 

    +m_Tobias SAUNDERS

    2_Joshua CLARKE born 1649

    2_Susanna CLARKE

    2_Thomas CLARKE

    2_Sarah CLARKE born  Jan 29 1663 

    +m_Thomas REYNOLDS Oct 11 1683

    2_Elizabeth CLARKE

    2_Katy or Carew CLARKE 


JOSEPH CLARKE (2nd) born Feb 11 1641/2, Westerly, RI died Jan 11, 1725/7

+m_Nov 16 1664 in Newport/Westerly, RI to BETHIAH HUBBARD born Dec 19, 1646, Agawam, MA died Apr 17 1707, Westerly, RI

    3_Sarah CLARK born died

    3_Judith CLARK born 1667 died 1747

    +m_Jan 19, 1687 to John MAXSON Jr

    3_Joseph CLARK born 1670 died 1719

    3_Samuel CLARK born 1672 died 1769

    3_John CLARK born 1675 died

    3_Bethiah CLARK born 1678 died  1756 

    +m_Thomas HISCOX of Newport, RI Oct 31 1703

    3_Mary CLARK born 1680 died  1760 

    +m_Jan 18 1700 William CHAMPLIN s/o  Capt. William CHAMPLIN

    3_Susanna CLARK born 1683 died 1761 

    +m_Oliver BABCOCK

    3_William CLARK born 1684 died 1747 

    +m_Jane BLEAVEN d/o Edward BLEAVEN

    3_Thomas CLARK born 1686 died 1767 

    +m_. Elizabeth BABCOCK d/o Capt. James BABCOCK


JOSEPH CLARK (3rd) born Apr 4 1670  Westerly, RI died Jun 5 1719  Westerly, RI

+m_Jan 5 1691 to DOROTHY MAXSON born 1668 in Westerly, RI died 1715-20

    4_Freegift CLARKE born JUL 4 1694

    4_Dorothy CLARKE born MAY 28 1696

    4_Experience CLARKE born JUL 6 1699

    4_Joseph CLARKE born 1701

    4_Berthia CLARKE

    possibly Elizabeth, John, Joshua, Mary, Samuel, Susanna, Thomas, William, Sarah


    4_Elisha CLARKE born  Nov 17 1718


JOSEPH CLARK (4th) born about 1700

+m_April 25, 1729 to DEBORAH CRANDALL born in 1685-1690 died in 1737 in Westerly, RI

she may have been married prior to Dr George Stillman and had 8 children (last born 1725)

    5_Mary CLARK born July 1729. (may have married John Stillman 1745, had 6 children, one named Clark Stillman)

    5_Joseph CLARK born March 30, 1737

    5_Elisha CLARK born February 25, 1741/2 

    +m_ Mary Potter


JOSEPH CLARK (5th) born about 1737 Corinth, ME died 


    6_Benjamin CLARK born 1765 Georgetown, ME or Epping NH died 1847 Levant, ME

    6_Elizabeth CLARK born 26 Aug 1773 Georgetown, ME or Epping NH died 10 Sep 1838 Warren Twp., Washington Co., Ohio

    6_Percallies CLARK born 27 Aug 1776 Georgetown, ME or Epping NH died 1836 Levant, ME

    6_Ichabod CLARK born Oct 12, 1777 Georgetown, ME or Epping NH died 1829 Hermon, ME

    6_Aaron CLARK born 1779 Georgetown, ME or Epping NH died 1810 Bangor, ME

NOTE: 1800 U.S. Census, Hancock County, settlement called Kenduskeag Stream: The Maine 1800 census was unique in that it showed "from whence came." Of the twenty-four families at this location, five were shown as coming from St. Johns; the family heads being Benjamin Booby, Aaron Clark, Joseph Clark (two by that name) and Icabod Clark

NOTE: History of Penobscot County, Maine: The original settlers of the tract of land later occupied by the town of Levant, are said to be George and William Tibbetts, as well as a person named Boobar and a person named Knowland. Also, an early settler was Joseph Clark, one of the refugees who fled with Colonel Jonathan Eddy from Nova Scotia after the unlucky affair at Fort Cumberland in 1776 (History of Penobscot County, p. 404).  The town of Levant was not formed until 1813. It included parts of what earlier was known as Kenduskeag Plantation


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ICHABOD CLARK born Oct. 12, 1777 died in 1829 in Hermon, ME (estate inventory was filed by June 1829 in Bangor) 

+m_Nov 7, 1796 in Bangor, ME to MARY LANCASTER born Aug 12, 1777 (OR January 1, 1774 in Beverly, MA) d/o Elihu LANCASTER Died 1884 at her son Richard Lancaster Clark's home in Hermon, ME  


    7_Catherine CLARK born January 11, 1795 

    +m_Thomas WILSON born 1791

    7_Thankful CLARK born May 12, 1797 died abt August 15, 1870 in Glenburn, ME burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME

    +m_November 20, 1816 to Joseph CLARK  born 1796 died 23 Oct 1879

    7_Polly CLARK born June 11, 1799 died March 18, 1873 

    +m_December 1820 to Samuel WILEY born Oct 7 1795

    7_Olive CLARK born November 5, 1801died March 18, 1873  Burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME

    +m_1825 to Joborn HOLT born 1797 died June 15, 1854  

    7_Dorcas CLARK born December 22, 1803 died June 22, 1875 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME

    7_Salathiel R. CLARK born December 4, 1805 in Dixmont, Penobscot, ME died June 22, 1875 

    +m_abt 1830 to Sarah GOSS born February 14, 1810 in Pejepscott, Penobscot, ME died December 27, 1890  d/o Thomas Goss & Elizabeth Witham.

    7_Richard Lancaster CLARK born May 7, 1809 died November 13, 1876 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME

    +m_Lucinda THOMPSON 

    7_Elmira CLARK born October 2, 1811 died 22 Dec 1881 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME

    +m_Clark HAMMOND

    7_Sophronia CLARK born 1814 died Burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME

    +m_Joseph HAMMOND born 1811 died 1881

    7_Henry CLARK born March 20, 1817 died February 20, 1830 Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, Penobscot, ME


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RICHARD LANCASTER CLARK born 1809 died 1876 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

LUCINDA THOMPSON born 1811 died 1866 d/o Seth THOMPSON


    8_Amanda Jane CLARK born 1832 ? died 1884 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_Benjamin CARTER


    8_Frances F CLARK born 1833 died

    +m_William G HAMMOND born 1830

    NOTE: Per 1880 census living in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts 

    8_Susan M CLARK born 1837 died 3 Apr 1909 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_John GRAVES born 1832

    NOTE: Per 1880 census, living in Glenburn, ME

    8_Henry Lancaster CLARK born 1839 died 15 Jan 1914 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_Nancy Ellen OVERLOCK born 1845

    NOTE: Per 1880 census, living in Hermon, ME

    8_Taylor T CLARK born 1841 died 12 Apr 1909 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_Abiah A WORSTER born 1843

    NOTE: Per 1880 census living in Ward 3, Bangor, ME

    8_Electra CLARK born May 27 1843 died 1914 Massachusetts burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_Ruel WORSTER born 19 Jul 1845 died Woonsocket, Providence Co., Rhode Island

    +m_Benjamin WENTWORTH

    8_John F CLARK born 1839 died 23 Jan 1909 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_Rebecca E WORSTER born 1839

    NOTE: Per 1880 census, living in Hermon, ME

    8_Lora E CLARK born 1848 ? died 

    +m_Clara WITHAM

    8_Etta CLARK born March 30, 1852 died 29 Oct 1893 Levant, ME burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

    +m_George HEWES

    8_Richard Lancaster CLARK born 1854 Hermon, ME died Dec 19, 1933 Bangor, ME

    +m_Annette Flora NOWELL

    8_Victor Benjamin CLARK born Dec 6, 1857 Hermon, ME died 1919 buried Snow's Corner, Hermon, ME

    +m_Thara LORD born 1863

    NOTE: 1880 census living in Bangor, ME


AMANDA JANE CLARK born 1832 and died 1884. burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

+married before 1851 to BENJAMIN CARTER born 1824 and died 1856 burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hermon, ME

Amanda lived with her family in Glenburn and married at age 19. It is therefore likely she met Benjamin while living in Glenburn.

children with Benjamin:

    9_Alphonso CARTER was born about 1851

    9_Elizabeth Charlotte (Lizzie) CARTER was born about 1853

+remarried to James M MAYHEW 1858


Leorna A Mayhew (1859) Sarah Melissa Mayhew (1860) James Fred Mayhew (1863) Grace Mayhew (1865) Charles Mayhew (1868) Burt H Mayhew (1870)



Levant, Maine

This by law passed March 12th 1814. A true extract.

Attest Moses Hodsdon, Town Cleark, March 4, 1823



ICAHBOD CLARK born October 12, 1777

Mary Lancaster Clark born August, 12, 1777 m. November 7, 1796

Catharine Clark born January 11, 1795

Thankfull Clark born May 14, 1797

Polly Clark born June 11, 1799

Ohio Clark born November 5, 1801

Dorias Clark born December 22, 1803

Salathiel Clark born December 4, 1805

Richard Lancaster Clark born May 7, 1807

Elmira Clark born October 2, 1811

Saphronia Clark born May 9, 1814

PECALLIES CLARK born in Epping, N.H. August 27, 1776

Nancy Thompson Clark born in Sanford, ME m. March 1, 1777

Jonathan Clark born March 10, 1801

Benjamin T. Clark born April 11, 1804

Royal Washington Clark born November 14, 1808

Pecallies Clark, Jr. born August 20, 1811

Nancy Farran Clark born April 19, 1819


Sir Gilbert DE CLARE, 4th Earl of Gloucester, 8th Earl of Hertford  

May 10, 1291 born Winchcombe, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England 

Jun 24, 1314 died Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland 

1308 made chief captain of the expedition into Scotland to relieve Rutherglen. 

June 1309 forbidden to journey and again in Jan. 1313. 

August 1310 he accompanied the King to Berwick. 

1311 appointed Keeper of the Realm during the King's absence in Scotland. 

April 1311 with the King in Scotland, and in June was with him at Berwick. 

1312, after the murder of Gavaston, he and the Earl of Richmond tried to make peace between the King and Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. 

1314 he was going overseas on the King's service in the train of Queen Isabel on an embassy concerning Gascony. 

June 24 1314 fought at the Battle of Bannockburn, where he was slain while leading a fierce attack on the Scots. His body was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire at his father's right hand. His widow, Maud, 

+m_Maud born unknown died in 1320, and was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey

Thomas DE CLERKE  born abt 1350 Kent, England

Eleanor ROWLINGE  born abt 1352 Dau of Peter Rowlinge

Thomas CLERKE  born abt 1375 Wrotham, Kent, England d 1446 Kent, England


John CLERKE  born abt 1394 Forde Hall, Wrotham, Kent, England  d  abt 1482 Wrotham, Kent, England


John CLERKE born abt 1420 Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England  D: 1480 Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England

Alice TATESHAM  born abt 1425 in Tatesham, Kent, England d abt 1480 in Wrotham, Kent, England m 1445 in Forde, Wortham, Suffolk, England Dau of Talran Tatesham

John CLERKE born abt 1448 Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England d 6 Jul 1497 Wrotham, Kent, England

Esq Forde Hall, Kent (Forde Hall/Fordhall lay about a mile and a half eastward from Wrothem Church, near Addington Commons

Lucia MOYLE born abt 1450 in Canterbury, London,  England. d abt 1494 in Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England  m abt 1470 in Forde, Wortham, Suffolk, England  Dau of Walter Moyle and Margaret Lucombe / John Lucombe and Margaret Kayle

Elizabeth Culpeper, daughter of Walter Culpeper9w of Calais and Wigsell, was born in Ford Hall circa 149


Joseph Clarke evidently came to Boston with his older brothers, Thomas and John, but he is not mentioned in any records of that town. He may have come in the capacity of a servant to his brother John, as was later noted in a recording of his lands in Newport, Rhode Island. His brother, Dr. John Clarke, was disarmed with others as associates of Anne Hutchinson at Boston on 20 November 1637. John and Thomas left the Massachusetts Bay Colony with the Coddington party and were signers of the Aquidneck agreement on 7 March 1638. Joseph Clarke first appears on the record when he was admitted an inhabitant of the Island of Aquidneck (at Portsmouth) on 24 January 1638/9, and again on 21 February 1638/9. However, he soon left Portsmouth for Newport, newly founded by his brother, John Clarke, and others dissatisfied with the government of Portsmouth. He was admitted an inhabitant and made a freeman of Newport at a General Quarter Court held there on 17 December 1639. He was present in the General Court of Election held at Newport on 12 March 1640, and was listed on the court roll of freemen on 16 March 1641. He served on the grand jury at a Quarter Sessions Court at Portsmouth on 1 December 1641. He is said to have been one of the original members of the First Baptist Church of Newport in 1644, and was certainly a member in full communion in 1648.


Sometime between March 1643 and 15 March 1644, Joseph Clark of Newport had his lands in Newport, consisting of fifty acres, recorded. His lands lay in several parcels, one of thirty acres "lying beyond the mill bounded on the North by the hie way to Sachuis on the East by Stony River on the South by Robert Fields land," another parcel of 2.5 acres between Mr. John Clark's farm and Thomas Clark's cow pasture, a home lot of 3.5 acres lying next to Mr. [John] Clark's swamp at the lot's end, a "cowes hay" or pasture at the southwest corner of the harbor, another "cowes hay" on the east side of Stony River, and one acre of upland bounded by "the Creeke & Thomas Clarks marsh, a way for the bringing forth of hay & bringing thruw cattle to John Peckams marsh & Thomas Clarks marsh excepted." These lands, amounting to 40 acres, were bought by Joseph Clark for an unknown sum as evidenced by the treasurer's receipt produced by him at the recording of the land. (An order issued by the town on 5 June 1639, divided all meadow lands within Newport at a rate of 20 "Cowes meat" to 300 acres of upland, so Joseph can be expected to have given at least two or three cows for his land.) However, Joseph Clarke had an additional ten ac[re]s more granted unto him by vertue of a certaine donation given by the sd Towne to certaine Servants the sd Joseph being serv[an]t to mr John Clark w[hi]ch Tenn ac[re]s is layd forth in and w[i]th the first p[ar]cell of thirtie all w[hi]ch amounting to the No of Fifthe ac[re]s more or less is fully Impropriated to the sd Joseph Clark his heirs or Assignes for ever.

On 25 December 1644, Joseph Clarke deeded five acres of meadow lying on the soutwest side of the harbor in Newport to Robert Stanton of Newport. His land is also mentioned in the record of highways laid out by William Dyre, Nicholas Easton, and Mr. John Clarke dated 15 February 1654. One highway was laid out "from the Mill to Joseph Clarkes...towards the great Comons, and by the side of mr John Clarkes Joseph and Thomas Clarkes lands &c being on the east side thereof went the hie mr Eastons Farme...downe to Stony River...and soe came into the Comons at the Rocks..." On March 10, 1656/7, Joseph Clarke was granted a 1/54th share of the purchase of Conanicut (later, Jamestown) and Dutch Islands, and he also signed on behalf of his brother, it being ordered "that Joseph Clarke shall subscribe hereto in the behalf of his Brother Mr. John Clarke in England." Joseph Clarke, of Newport, was also appointed to the perpetual council that would govern the affairs of Conanicut at the time of the purchase.


In 16 May 1648, he was made a member of the General Court of Trials to represent the town o f Newport, and served on both the grand and petit juries at Warwick on 30 June 1657. His name appears on a list of the freeman of the Colony, of Newport, in 1655. From 1655 on, he is referred to in the records of the Colony as "Mr. Joseph Clarke,"and was a commissioner for Newport at the Court of Commissioners held at Portsmouth on 28 June 1655, at Newport on 19 May 1657, at Portsmouth again on 10 March 1657/8, at Providence on 17 May 1659, and once more at Portsmouth on 23 August 1659. He was made an Assistant (which appears to have been the same as commissioner) for Newport at the General Court of Election held at Warwick on 18 May 1658, and served in this capacity at a General Court of Trials held at Newport in June 1658, at a meeting of the General Counsel held at Warwick on 14 October 1658, at another General Court of Trials held at Warwick on 16 October 1658, at the General Court of Election held at Providence on 17 May 1659, at a General Court of Trials held at Newport on 3 March 1659/60, and at a meeting of the Governor, Deputy Governor, and Assistants held at Newport on 25 November 1663. On 4 July 1657, at a General Court held at Warwick, Mr. Joseph Clarke and three others were authorized to write a letter to Mr. John Clarke in England to request further judgment of the authorities in England in the charges of treason brought against William Harris by Roger Williams. He was also chosen to form a committee with five others at a General Court of Commissioners held at Portsmouth on 23 August 1659, to write a letter of thanks to Mr. John Clarke, to review letters sent to the colony regarding disputes with the "United Colonies, Massachusetts, or Plymouth," and to insturct Mr. Clarke to take such matters before Parliament accordingly. The task of opening letters and informing Mr. Clarke, as well as providing Clarke with a commission from the Colony, was reauthorized to Mr. Joseph Clarke, althouhg he was not an Assistant at the time, and the others at a General Assembly held at Warwick on 18 October 1660.

On November 1, 1661, Tobias Saunders, Robert Burdick, and Joseph Clarke were arrested for taking possession of lands of Southertown, in the Pequot Country, under a warrant issued by the commissioners of the General Court of Massachusetts dated 25 October 1661 to the constable of Southertown, Walter Palmer. However, Clarke "upon extraordinary occasion was, by the Commissioners [of Southertown] and constable, set at liberty." Southertown was the name given by Connecticut to the area called Misquamicutt (later Westerly) by the Rhode Islanders who were settling there. Saunders and Burdick were taken to Boston, where from testimony they gave on 14 November 1661, it is learned that the Court of Rhode Island had allowed them to purchase lands of the Indians there, and Burdick had "built a small house there, upon the lott layed out to him." "Joseph Clark of Road Island, who was also apprehended in the company of the two former persons, being all three in company, was released by the Constable upon a very urgent occasion." Clarke was the only one identified as of "Road Island," which indicates that he was a resident of the island of Road Island (Newport or Portsmouth), and was not residing in Westerly.


Joseph Clarke's name appears as one of the "purchasers and free inhabitants of our island, called Rhode-Island, and the rest of the colonie of Providence Plantations" in the charter granted to Rhode Island by Charles II, King of Great Britain, on 8 July 1663, and by order of this charter he was appointed an assistant to the General Assembly at Newport on 1 March 1663/4. He served in this position again at meetings of the General Assembly held at Newport on 4 May 1664, in October 1664, on 23 February 1664/5, and 3 May 1665. He was not re-elected to that position at the last meeting.


"Upon accation of some debate in this Court Concearning the Death of a young neger sarvant to Mr. Benidict Arnold now govenor in the yeare 1661 soe Called and alsoe Concearning the Death of a son of Mr Joseph Clarke now assistant in the yeare 1662 the Court declares themselves fully satisfied in the proceedings taken by the towne of newport and the officers therof to the Enquiers after the Death of the parsones aforesd and that the proceeding aforesayd weare fully availeable sufficiente and unquestonable as to the Clearing of all parsones from all maner of guilt Relating to the Death of the parsones aforesd."


He appears to have lived in Newport for the rest of his life. Some histories say he removed to Westerly, but a detailed study of the Rhode Island Colony Records shows that it was his son, Joseph, who was made a freeman of Westerly in 1668, and appears there in 1669, 1671, and 1679. Joseph Clarke was appointed on 13 or 14 May 1667, to a committee by the town of Newport to collect 155 pounds for the defense of that town and outfitting the prison. He took leave of grand jury duty in 1669: at a Court of Trials held at Newport, 10 May 1669, Mr. Joseph Clarke, who had been selected by the town of Newport to serve on the grand jury, had not appeared for his term, but considering "how much hee hath ben Imployed formerly and that in this Court his son Joseph was prevayled with to Saply the place of a grand Jury man. The Court doe Remitt the aforesd Mr Joseph Clarkes fine for not appearing." Mr. Joseph Clarke was a Deputy for Newport at meetings of the General Assembly held at Newport on 6 May 1668, 28 October 1668, 27 October 1669, 13 October 1670, 26 October 1670, 25 September 1671, 5 March 1671/2, and 2 April 1672.


He was very active in the efforts of Rhode Island to thwart the designs of Massachusetts an d Connecticut to take the lands of the Narragansett region. On 20 Mar 1664/5, Joseph Clarke was among fourteen men chosen at Pettasquamscutt to exercise the powers of Justices of the Peace or Magistrates for the Naragansett Country, or the King's Province, by order of the King's Commissioners. On 2 May 1677, Mr. Joseph Clarke was elected and engaged as an Assistant at a General Assembly and Election held at Newport and was appointed to a Court of Justices of the Peace to be held in the Narragansett (or King's) Province on the 15th of May for the speedy and peaceful settling of the inhabitants of that region. He was an Assistant at the General Court of Trials held at Newport on 7 May 1677, and shortly thereafter took the acknowledgement of Thomas and Liddia Burge of Newport on a sale of land in Dartmouth, Plymouth Colony, to Thomas Ward of Newport on 27 June 1677, in the capacity of an Assistant. He was an Assistant at the General Court of Trials held at Newport on 24 October 1677, 6 May 1678, 23 October 1678, 17 May 1679, and 22 October 1679, and at General Assemblies held at Newport on 30 April 1678, 1 May 1678, 25 March 1679, 6 May 1679, 17 September 1679 (at Westerly), and 4 May 1680. On 9 July 1679, he was among four men, including the Governor and Deputy Governor, who supplied 18 pounds, 8 shillings in partial payment to Mr. Arnold of 60 pounds the later paid to Capt. Randall Howldon and Capt. John Greene of Warwick on behalf of the Colony. On 23 June 1681, these four petitioned the General Assembly for repayment of the moneys they paid, which was granted.

A "mr. Clarke" mentioned as holding 17 acres at Stony River in Newport on behalf of John Alcock, deceased, for the son of the latter in an inventory dated 8 August 1677, may have been Joseph Clarke, as he held land near Stony River (see above). In 1680, Joseph Clarke of Newport was taxed Âú1 13s 3d. Mr. Joseph Clarke, "my loving friend," was made an overseer of the estate of Rev. Obadiah Holmes in the will of the latter, dated 9 April 1681. On 25 September 1685, Joseph Clarke, of Newport, and his wife, Margaret, sold a 1/54th part of Conanicut Island, consisting of 89 acres, and a 1/54th part of Dutch Island (which lies to the west of Conanicut, or Jamestown) to Francis Brinley of Newport for Âú100. This is the last official record of Joseph Clarke. He may have been mentioned with other early church members in a letter from Rev. Samuel Hubbard to John Thornton of Providence, dated 19 December 1686.

Joseph Clarke left no will that has been found. In the will of Dr. John Clarke, dated 20 Apri l 1676, Joseph Clarke is said to have had two wives, his son John being by the first. The will of Thomas Clarke, dated 28 July 1674, mentions Margaret, wife of his brother Joseph Clarke. An addendum to the will of Thomas Clarke names the children of Joseph Clarke that were alive on 19 December 1674: Joseph Clarke, John Clarke, William Clarke, Susannah (surname struck-out), Mary (surname struck-out), Joshua Clarke, Sarah Clarke, Thomas Clarke, Kary (Carew) Clarke, and Elizabeth Clarke. Joseph Clarke may have had more children who died young, before 1674, or were born after 1674, although the latter is unlikely. His death is recorded in the family Bible held by the descendants of his son, John.


NOTE The Maugerville Settlement: 

The township of Maugerville was on the St. John River and began at a point about five miles below Fredericton. ..Nearly all the settlers along the St. John River in Nova Scotia were from Massachusetts. These settlers for the most part were of Puritan stock, mostly members of the Congregationalist churches of New England. Some of the names of the early settlers included Booby, Campbell, Clark, Colburn, Crosby, Graves, Lovett, Nevers, Noble, Pickard, Smith and Tibbetts.

The year 1774 gave the Maugerville Church their first settled minister, Reverend Seth Noble. All would have been well if Noble attended to strictly religious affairs, but New England pastors are accustomed to enter secular affairs. Noble began to stir up his flock to join with New England and throw off the authority of Great Britain. In New England he would be called a "patriot," but the majority of those in Nova Scotia considered him a "rebel" (ibid).
In 1776, Jonathan Eddy, a Massachusetts native who had settled in Nova Scotia in 1763, made an attempt to capture Fort Cumberland. The St. John River people furnished Eddy with a contingent of twenty-seven men, including one Benjamin Booby. Fort Cumberland was not taken and more than sixty of the misguided men had to abandon their homes and families and fly to escape the consequences of their treason. Many of them were reduced to dire poverty, and most of them did not return to Nova Scotia, but were compelled to settle on the barren uplands of Maine (ibid).