Growstown Repeater is located in Brunswick, Me. It is a coastal repeater at 350' above sea level. It has coverage from about York, Me., to about Rockland, Me., and inland to the area of Augusta to the Gray, New Gloucester area. The system is about 225 members strong. It gets used for all kinds of different types of things that the ham community needs. It has a phone patch system so that people can call home to say that they might be late.

You can make an EMERGENCY call to notify the Police or Fire departments of an accident or a problem on the roads. It has a few nice features that the users can use, a digital voice clock, S-meter reading, also it can do general announcements for information that might be useful to the users of the system or someone that is listening to the repeater.

This repeater is linked into a UHF repeater located in Washington, Me. that can give users a wide area of coverage through an UHF link radio system. This repeater is 1000' feet above sea level and has good coverage from Brunswick to Bar Harbor, Me., and inland to the Bangor area. If anyone one would like to become a supporting member they can contact:

Steve Hanks
61 Woodside Rd.
Brunswick, Me. 04011
(207) 725-5155

Every Wednesday night at 8:00pm there is a swap net where hams tell others of things that they own for sale or want. It is also a good place for others to inform others of up coming events or activities in the communities. There is also a couple of programs that he plays that are also informative as to happenings around the country and some times' speakers on different topics of interest to the ham community.



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